"What Is Home Staging and How Does It Help Sell My House?" article by Lori Matzke

"Professional home stagers are practiced in the art of preparing a home for resale.

They work with the owner of a home, eliminate clutter, edit and arrange furniture,

and even assist in enhancing curb-appeal.  With the aid of a professional home stager,

your house can make a notable first impression on potential homebuyers"

"Staging increases sales price and reduces average days to sell the home!  

"Survey of 200 homes prepared for sale by ASP shows that average days on market

is reduced from 136 days (4.5 months) to just 7.6 days with 3% mininum or

$26,000 average increase in equity! See "Nationwide Trends and Staging Statistics"

at www.stagedhomes.com

"Act II for Home Stagers" article in US News by Michelle Andrews


"All dressed up and ready to go: Statistics show benefits to staging" article by Joy Valentine, 

Broker Associate with Coldwell Banker

"For the group of 2,772 properties, the average number of days on the market was

30.9, and the average difference in sales price over list price was 1.6 percent.

For the sample of staged homes, the average number of days on the market was 13.9 --

about half of the time for houses in the general sample. The average difference in

selling price over list price was 6.3 percent, nearly four times as much as for the

other group of homes." 

"Selling Unsellable Homes" article by Betsy Schiffman

"The owner was about to cut the price by 30% when Miller and her crew came in,

redesigned the property in a cowboy/ranch style, and within two hours of the

open house, the home sold.